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Mozilla, Javascript, SOAP and PHP

So recently I’ve been working on some new stuff. In recent versions of Mozilla (including Firefox) there is now a SOAP client. This means that a web application can access the server at any time, and not just when the page loads. This means a huge amount of flexibility is now available to the developer in a DHTML application. I have been playing with this for several months and realized that a large amount of the code is very repetitive.

I am working on a application to build these applications. I have a DHTML page which lets you model your application. It pulls table and index definitions from a MySQL database, and then it lets you set up validation rules for each field, set up custom SQL queries (In addition to a number of automatically generated ones), set field labels, and change other things about the data model.

So far I can auto generate
* DHTML Forms
* Javascript glue for the forms
* Javascript to wrap the soap functions into simple javascript methods.
* PHP classes to access a mysql database
* A wrapper to serve the PHP classes up as SOAP.

Still to do

* Data validation
* Unit test frameworks
* Installer scripts for a generated application

For more information see my wiki
I plan to have the code on source forge (project “xulbuilder”) today or tomorrow
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